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P I C T U R E.. G A L L E R Y

spring 2018 to summer 2015

The day of the open monument on 10.9.2017 took place in dry and partly sunny weather with a visitor storm, which none of the participants could foresee.
The interest in the historical estate Königsbruch, which has been restored for more than three years, was so great that the guided tours, which were carried out
every two hours by architect Lars Maier, partly comprised more than 100 persons. The Stiftung Schriftkultur also opened its doors, so that the population
as well as former staff of the estate could get an image of our activities. Without Karin, Michaela and Gisela we would not have been able to cope with the amount of people.
Thank you again! On the visit of some members and colleagues from Frankfurt, the Hohenloherland, Heidelberg and even Switzerland, Katharina Pieper was particularly pleased.

11.9.2017 The official opening ceremony of the Open Memorial Day took place on 8.9.2017 with a lot of celebrities and about 70 invited guests at Gut Königsbruch
in the premises of the Stiftung Schriftkultur. The organizer was the Monument office at the Ministry of Education and Culture. The estate was presentedto the public
for the first time, and for months, all the participants on the building site were working on this day. The architect and trades were presented on roll ups in the former horse stable.

4.9.2017: The workshop "Rotunda majuscules" at the Gut Königsbruch last weekend was carried out in a good mood and with industrious laborers.
From the east side, the estate now has a new herb garden and freshly sown lawn. The coming weekend, the day of the open monument next Sunday,
September 10, throws its shadows ahead ...

24.8.2017 Gut Königsbruch in the overall view. While in sunny weather the excavators in the courtyard work the soil, Karin Fischer and Katharina Pieper
arrange and archive in the library and archive of the museumr the estate of Jean Larcher. There we have a while to do! Now all the showcases
of the museum are equipped. The vault was recently plastered, since the sandstone made its name for all its glory and gently sprinkled on the showcases

03.08.2017 Jean Larcher's book collection, which has been preserved for two years in the German Museum for the Press, arrived in these days.
All books have already been unpacked and pre-sorted into the shelves. Now the fine work and archiving has to be followed.
The library of the Stiftung Schriftkultur is about to be completed!

19.07.2017 The first anniversary of the founding of the Stiftung Schriftkultur e.V. was celebrated a few days ago with the founding members
and their partners. (Founding members)

28.06.2017 The second workshop at Gut Königsbruch took place. In the "Rotunda" theme the participants learned a lot about this round-gothic beauty.
The museum is beginning to take shape. The showcases are gradually populated and show exhibits around the calligraphic writing
on paper, in books and on stone.

30.05.2017: In the vaulted cellar there are now also the large archive cabinets. A small exhibition by Jean Larcher already points to to
future museum and the permanent exhibition. The sandstone arch has yet to be subjected to a special treatment for fastening.
Even the mens toilets have become a small exhibition space.

25.05.2017: The back entrance, the main entrance to the Stiftung Schriftkultur, now presents itself with finished terrace, newly sown lawn
and a small perennial and rose reserve around the terrace. An information banner attracts curious visitors. The shelves for the library
are almost ready and are waiting for their content, which can hopefully be sorted out soon.

07.05.2017: The very first workshop took place yesterday! 12 participants were happy to be present in the new rooms at the first course.
With a glass of cremant, we drank on a good success of the Foundation for the Culture of Calligraphy.

30.04.2017: Gradually, the gallery becomes a home. The kitchen and the toilet function well, the tables for the first workshop are directed,
and the two diligent helpers Thomas and Marc bring a lot of know-how, a cordless screwdriver and male vigor.

11.04.2017: Relocation of the office to the Gut Königsbruch with Karin Fischer! The first day of work took place with good humor and diligent helpers.
A bit you can already guess how the gallery can look. There is still much to be done, e.g. here the insertion of the lights.

01.04.2017: The day of the official key handover! With Mrs. Dr. von Wegner and architect Mr. Maier we drank a glass of a good cremant on the realization of all plans.
An Easter flower basket is bringing the first life into the new rooms. The furniture in the office are already installed and are waiting for their inauguration.

24.03.2017: Now even the stairs are fitted. They have become beautiful and fit perfectly into the gallery. At last we do not need the ladders any more!
Also the rear entrance looks already quite inviting. In the vaulted cellar only the right light is missing - and the furnishings for the presentation.

25.02.2017: First visit of some founding members. The natural stone flooring is almost finished,
and the lighting already works. Now it does not take much longer to move in!

24.01.2017: From the outside the building is now ready! Inside the craftsmen work intensely (here it's just lunch break).
The complete interior painting has already been made - the office looks almost ready to move in.

14.01.17: The flooring also has to fit into everything. In wintery white the estate Gut Königsbruch looks as if enchanted.

16.12.16: The entrance gates are there! Now the work can be don in pleasant temperatures. Right: With a lot of imagination you can see an office here.

11.11.16: Since the windows have been installed, the building has got "eyes". The floor heating is also being fixed in these days.

A park according to the original baroque style will not be missing. The garden plant and the buildings are increasingly taking shape.

Every day hard work is done and the ideas are fulfilled step by step!

These photos show the manor in August 2015. Here visions are created and become reality!